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Finally a Way Out of Foreclosure? Orlando Home Sellers can receive up to 20 K from Banks!

Stop Foreclosure in Sanford FL

Finally good news for Florida’s distressed homeowners: Florida is a test state for a trial program of Bank of America. Yes, it’s true, Bank of America is offering Florida homeowners up to $20,000 to short sale their homes rather than letting them linger in foreclosure. Only 3 Weeks Left to Apply! Only homeowners whose short […]

HAFA Short Sale Program – Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives

Orlando Short Sale Experts

On April 5, 2010 a new program will go into effect that will change the way short sales have been stigmatized and processed for the past several years. Under the US Treasury’s new HAFA plan (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives) short sales will be more streamlined, less stressful and offer more to the seller in terms […]

2 Best Ways to find out What Homes are Selling for in Your Neighborhood

What are homes selling for in Orlando?

When Orlando home owners start thinking about potentially selling their home, one important question usually comes up early on: What did other homes in my neighborhood sell for? Especially in the current market it is crucial to have this information available to you to make informed decisions. After all, nothing could hurt you as a […]

How to Market Your Home on Your Own

Free Home Seller Tips Orlando

Are you currently trying to sell your home by owner? In Orlando’s current market is is quite understandable that home owners choose this option as a way of trying to sell their home. Many of these home owners know about all the down sides of this route, however they feel that they don’t really have […]

Should I sell my home? A Home Seller Checklist

Orlando Home Seller Checklist

This is a question many home sellers in the Orlando area are asking themselves right now. In this market selling your home is becoming more and more difficult, not only because of the still quite high inventory and fact that more than 50% of all homes listed in Orlando today are short sales, but also […]

Should you short sale your home? Strategic Defaults 101

Should I Short Sell my home? Strategic Default

What are “strategic defaults” and why are more and more people considering this option? A strategic default occurs when a homeowner who can afford to make their monthly payment chooses to stop paying and short sale their home because they feel it is a bad investment. With over 5 million homes now “upside down” it […]

How to impress Orlando Home Buyers

What are the current selling prices in Orlando?

If you are one of the many who either need to sell due to financial reasons or simply have that itch and want a fresh start, you are not alone. The old expression, “there is safety in numbers” does not apply to the current Orlando market and those numbers add up to stiff competition. To […]

Home Selling Strategy to compete in the Orlando Real Estate Market

How to compete in the Orlando Home Seller Market

The Orlando real estate market has seen an above average depreciation over the past few years. But experts across the country remain optimistic for the future of real estate; they insist, however, that there are some new rules to play by to stay competitive in the buyers market that has taken hold of the Orlando […]

Top 5 Mistakes Orlando Area Home Sellers Make

Orlando Home Seller Mistakes

Over the years we have helped dozens of home owners successfully sell their homes in the Orlando area. They did what needed to be done to actually sell. Sure, the market is not great right now, but that shouldn’t mean that you now cannot sell your home any longer. Be it as a short sale […]