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Historic Sanford Real Estate – Victorian Homes

One of the most charming areas within Sanford FL is without a doubt the historic residential district. Adjacent to the quaint boutiques, unique antique stores and charming restaurants of First Street you will find beautiful tree lined, brick paved streets with some of the most beautiful Victorian homes of Central Florida. Homebuyers have always been attracted to the uniqueness and history of these homes – and everyone who has ever lived in a historic home knows how special the experience and lifestyle is.

More about the Victorian Houses of Sanford:

Possibly one of the most beloved architectural home designs in the USA is the Victorian. With its brightly colored paint, and extravagant detailing, this style of home is reminiscent of what most would consider “the good ol’ days”. A time when life seemed to move just a bit more slowly, and chatting with the neighbors over a glass of lemonade was a typical way to spend an afternoon. Perhaps, it is this type of nostalgia that draws people to the Victorian home.

Victorian Homes where built during the reign of Queen Victoria or roughly between 1850-1915. Their design was largely inspired by the industrial revolution that brought with it great advancements in architecture and design. Due to these advancements home design was able to utilize more complex details, shapes and angles that previously would have been too complicated for the average homeowner to afford. It was during this period (1850-1915) that the Victorian home design became a popular choice.

Victorian Home design borrowed details from other famous design movements, resulting in at least 7 different types of Victorian homes.

  • Victorian Gothic – Featuring pointed windows, gingerbread details and an asymmetrical floor plan.
  • Victorian Italianate – Featuring a mostly square shape, balconies built on top of existing porches, and sometimes having up to 4 stories.
  • Mansard Victorian – Inspired from the architecture of Paris during 1848-1870 these homes usually have a more flat roof line, Juliette balconies, and wrought iron detailing.
  • Victorian Stick – Often pulling from medieval architectural designs these Victorians use half-timbering (Or stick work) for embellishment purposes only and almost always use wood siding.
  • Folk Victorian – These are probably the most simplistic of the Victorian designs. Built by people who could not afford extravagant details, this square design utilizes mass produced trim work and spindled porches.
  • Shingle Victorian – Mostly to help protect the home from coastal storms, this type of Victorian is covered from roof to floor in shingles.  Aside from the shingled siding, these homes are recognizable from their asymmetrical shapes, tall windows, and irregular rood lines.
  • Victorian Queen Anne – The quintessential Victorian. This design utilized all of the features expected in a Victorian home. Elaborate trim work, steep roof lines, curved towers and large porches all are identifying characteristics of a Queen Anne Victorian. 

As mentioned above, in Central Florida, examples of these types of homes can be found in older established cities, such as Sanford, Winter Park, and Mount Dora. If you are interested in more information, please visit the web site of the Sanford Historical Society here.

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Below is a list of Victorian Homes for Sale in Sanford FL:

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