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Home Selling Strategy to compete in the Orlando Real Estate Market

The Orlando real estate market has seen an above average depreciation over the past few years. But experts across the country remain optimistic for the future of real estate; they insist, however, that there are some new rules to play by to stay competitive in the buyers market that has taken hold of the Orlando market – and we agree!

The number one mistake they say sellers are making is over-pricing their home. Short sales and foreclosures, a result of lenient lending practices, have caused home prices to tumble. Many sellers still believe they should be able to sell their home at the traditional appreciated prices, even when those prices no longer exist.

One strategy that can put you, the seller, back in the driver’s seat, is under-pricing your home. Yes, you read that correctly, under-pricing! It is the same strategy banks are using quite successfully when dumping a foreclosed property. The lower sticker price draws much more attention from buyers looking to make a good deal. With more potential buyers come more offers on the home. With more offers the bank has more power over the deal and can comfortably set the terms of the agreement. The most obvious sign of the success of this strategy is that often these homes sell well above their original asking price.

The worst thing a seller can do is to let their property languish on the market. The longer the home sits on the market the less value and less profit potential it has. Especially considering that until the market hits bottom, prices will continue falling. The best bet in this market is to stay ahead of the curve and set the price of your home, before the market does it for you through price reductions.

Don’t be afraid to try this strategy! We can help you set a price that is right on target to attract buyers and produce multiple offers. Fill in the form below and we will be in touch to discuss what you as a home seller in today’s real estate market, can do to ensure a successful sale of your property.

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