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Top 5 Mistakes Orlando Area Home Sellers Make

Over the years we have helped dozens of home owners successfully sell their homes in the Orlando area. They did what needed to be done to actually sell. Sure, the market is not great right now, but that shouldn’t mean that you now cannot sell your home any longer. Be it as a short sale or a regular sale, homes are being sold on a daily basis. Below is a short summary of things you need to know when selling your home. Try to avoid the following mistakes and chances are, you will be successful!

  1. Over Pricing Your Home: Of course, your home is your castle and you want your investment to pay off. Everyone wants top dollar when selling their home, but market conditions fluctuate (even seasonally) and when a home is over-priced, serious buyers won’t even stop to look. Keep your listing price in line with competitive homes for sale in the area, or sometimes an even better idea is to list it just a bit lower than area homes to generate the most interest and quite possibly multiple offers. Currently, that is what banks are doing when selling their REO properties and if you want to compete it is worth being bold and setting your asking price below market value.
  2. Not Deep Cleaning Your Home: Buyers today have a plethora of homes to choose from, and a clean home makes an impression. Buyers might assume that a dirty bathroom means the property has not been taken care of properly. This leads to low-ball offers, if any offers. Hire a cleaning crew to come in and do a really deep initial cleaning to make your home shine. On top of that, keep in mind that your home should not only be clean but also smell clean. Investing in lots of air fresheners (we use Glade’s Plugins), especially in key areas like the entrance of your home and the kitchen, is well worth the money. Who doesn’t just feel home right away when a warm scent of vanilla or cinnamon greets them at the door? Buyers are definitely influenced by their senses.
  3. Not Marketing Your Home Properly: If your agent is simply putting a weekly ad in the newspaper, your home is being grossly under advertised. This is a competitive market; your agent should take an aggressive marketing approach. Recent data show that 90% of today’s buyers start their search on the internet. Make sure that your agent has an internet marketing plan to back up the traditional front yard sign and newspaper ad. We will be happy to provide you with our extensive online marketing plan and proven success rate.
  4. Rejecting Low-Ball Offers: This does not mean you should just accept at all costs a low ball offer, but it does mean you should at least entertain it. From our experience, many sellers miss their window of opportunity by rejecting a low offer. Instead of feeling insulted, try to counter offer and see if you can come to an agreement. Often, buyers are just testing the waters to see how motivated a seller really is. After all, they might get lucky and find a desperate enough seller. Once they see you are serious and reasonable (we back up our counter offers with convincing market stats and other materials) they will be willing to negotiate.
  5. Not Using a Real Estate Agent: Many sellers think they can save themselves thousands of dollars by selling the home on their own. Unfortunately, most sellers do not have access to the same marketing tools a Realtor would have. They also might not be aware of current market conditions and how to properly price their home. Using a Realtor will generate more leads, more interest and finally more money in your pocket in the end.

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