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How to impress Orlando Home Buyers

If you are one of the many who either need to sell due to financial reasons or simply have that itch and want a fresh start, you are not alone. The old expression, “there is safety in numbers” does not apply to the current Orlando market and those numbers add up to stiff competition. To set your home apart from the crowd you will need to impress buyers.

Here are 5 low cost ways to impress Orlando area buyers and get your home sold.

  1. Many buyers make a decision about a home within the first few seconds after entering. Start off on the right foot by making your entry way clean and inviting. We agree that a fresh coat of paint on the front door and well placed console table is an inexpensive way to make your potential buyer feel more confident about your home.
  2. Closet space is a big issue for buyers, they want to know that there is space to store not only their clothes and shoes but anything else that might pile up. After all most of them are moving from smaller apartments and buying a home to them equals increasing their amount of living and storage space. Cleaning out and organizing your closets will help make the closet space seem larger and give the buyer the opportunity to imagine their prized possessions in the space. At the same time it will get you started packing up for your big move. Sooner or later you will have to de-clutter and pack – you ight as well do it now, especially if that means selling your home faster and potentially for a bit more.
  3. Believe it or not lighting can play a crucial role in selling your home. Every buyer wants their potential new home to feel spacious, light and bright. Open your curtains and blinds to let natural light flow through the home and turn on the lights throughout the house to help add to the ambiance. If you have little extra in your budget, upgrade some of the fixtures and always make sure that all of the light bulbs are working. If you can, turn the lights on before a showing and leave the blinds open during the day while you are away at work. Don’t rely on the buyers’ Realtor to do this. We know, Orlando gets hot during the summer and you would like to keep your blinds closed during the day to save energy, but trust us, in the end you are hurting only yourself by trying to keep your energy bill low during this crucial time.
  4. The lawn is the first impression of your home that a buyer will see. Be sure to keep it neat and clean, a messy yard with unkempt gardens will make the buyer feel that the home may need more maintenance than it really does. Again, we know, Orlando gets too hot to possibly maintain your yard also during the summer months, but again, it is worth it right now! And if you don’t like doing it, you can always hire a landscaping company for the time being.
  5. Keep your home smelling fresh by adding air fresheners throughout. Most people do not recognize odors in their own home but trust us, we have been in many homes throughout the Central Florida area, and those who don’t use air fresheners really do have their own (mostly undesirable) scent to them. Buyers will definitely notice that. Prevent buyers from running to the nearest exit by spritzing the couch and curtains with frebreeze and keeping a light scented air freshener near by. Especially pet owners must do this! Focus on key area such as the entrance areas, kitchen and family room. We use Glade Plugins.

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